ArtsBridge Summer. Where raw talent meets refined experience.

After two concentrated weeks, you’ll know exactly how to audition…


…and how not to audition.


Since 2010, ArtsBridge Summer has given high school performing artists the tools to perfect their craft and audition approach, guided by top college arts faculty and industry professionals. ArtsBridge Summer programs are designed to hone the skills of students who pursue acting, musical theater, and classical music at the college level and beyond.

“If you want to be ready for college auditions while working with fabulous faculty and dedicated students, this is the place for you. It’s a great environment.”

—  Jordan P., ArtsBridge Summer student

It’s like going to college before going to college.


Take your talent to the next level by attending our 2-week intensive programs where students and top faculty members from all across the country convene each summer. Want to see what we’re all about?

ArtsBridge Summer 2017: Musical Theater & Acting

(live our history in the video library)


ArtsBridge Summer 2017: Growing fast

This summer, in addition to programs in Musical Theater and Dramatic Acting, we’re thrilled to announce our new summer program for high school classical singers.


ArtsBridge Summer Musical Theater

Get specialized guidance on what it takes to be a theater artist from acting to song & dance… Explore More


ArtsBridge Summer Dramatic Acting

Prepare for conservatory-style training with rigorous top-tier instruction for serious actors… Explore More


ArtsBridge Summer ArtSong

Focus on solo classical vocal skills and technique within the art song repertoire… Explore More


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