5 Ways To Gain An Edge In The Arts This Summer

As a visual or performing arts student, make summer work for you.   Whether you’re an actor, dancer, musician, or visual artist, the summer break is a great time to focus on your craft and to pave the road for a fun and rewarding future in the arts. You don’t have to give up your […]


College Prep Timeline For The Arts: March

The monthly planning guide for performing & visual arts students   March is a month of transition. While the seasons are changing, students are growing. Our goal is to help foster that growth with easy-to-follow, monthly advice regarding college preparation for students and parents. As winter turns to spring, simple steps can help budding performing […]


College Prep Timeline For The Arts: January

The monthly planning guide for performing & visual arts students Happy New Year! Welcome to the monthly guide designed to help students of the arts with simple, step-by-step college preparation tips. As we make our new-year resolutions, it’s the perfect time for high school students to re-commit to pursuing the dream of higher education in […]


Transferable Skills Gained Being A Theatre Major

10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Can Prepare YOU for Success Here are 10 ways being a theatre major can help you succeed: Improvisation. The great thing about the stage is that when it’s live and you’re up in front of that audience anything can, and does, happen. Dropped lines, missed entrances, or malfunctioning props require […]


How to Make Your Dream of Becoming a Performing Artist a Reality

I’ve been working for a long time with a student — let’s call him Joshua.  When he first came to work with me, he and his parents were convinced that he was going to be a jazz vocalist. Now, this student had a few challenges in his way. He also didn’t really have the chops […]


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