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Application & Audition Process (2-week programs)

Who is eligible?

ArtsBridge Summer programs are open to high school students as well as graduates taking a gap year. ArtSong and Dramatic Acting are open to students in any grade. Musical Theater is open to rising seniors and Musical Theater 2 is open to rising sophomores and juniors. All students must be 15 years or older at the start of the program.

How do I apply?

Applications are submitted through the Acceptd platform here. Select your program of interest from the drop down menu on the left, then click the green button to begin an application. Students will need to log into their Acceptd account or create an account to apply. 

What are the application and audition requirements?

Each program has separate audition requirements. To see the required videos for each program, go to the ArtsBridge Acceptd page here. Then select your program of interest from the drop down menu on the left to view the requirements.

When will I get my admission decision?

All admissions decisions are made after the application deadline. Applicants should expect to receive their decision about 2 weeks after the deadline.

Are application fee waivers, scholarships, or payment plans available?

Yes! Need-based application fee waivers are available. The application fee is $75. Please contact if you’re interested in a need-based fee waiver. Need-based scholarships are available for tuition and can range from $500 to full tuition (not including room and board). Applicants will indicate on their initial application if they’re interested in scholarship, then the scholarship application process will take place after acceptance to the program. The scholarship application requires 2 years of parent/guardian income information and a short written statement. Payment plans are available. If you’re interested in a payment plan, please reach out as soon as possible after your acceptance.

I’ve attended before. Can I apply again?

Yes! Students are welcome to attend for multiple summers. Please note that admission to a program one summer does not guarantee admission to the same program or a different ArtsBridge Summer program for the next summer.

Can I apply to more than one program?

Yes! If you’re interested in more than one program, you are welcome to apply to each one. A separate application must be submitted for each program.

4-Day Add-On Programs

Who is eligible? Do I need to apply or audition?

Only students who attend an ArtsBridge Summer 2-week program are eligible for an add-on program. No additional audition or application is required. Official registration for add-on programs will take place after applicants receive their ArtsBridge Summer acceptances. Space is limited. JumpStart is open to rising seniors in any discipline. ArtSong, Dramatic Acting, and Musical Theater students are all welcome and encouraged to attend. Screen Acting is open to students in any grade and discipline. ArtSong, Dramatic Acting, Musical Theater, and Musical Theater 2 students are all welcome and encouraged to attend.

Can I attend more than one add-on program?

No. Since add-on programs take place at the same time, students may only attend one add-on program.

Are scholarships or payment plans available?

Just like for the 2-week programs, need-based scholarships for tuition and payment plans are available. There is one scholarship application for both 2-week and add-on programs. On the scholarship application, applicants will indicate if they are interested in an add-on program. Payment plans are available. If you’re interested in a payment plan, please reach out as soon as possible after your acceptance. 


How busy will students be? Will there be free time?

ArtsBridge Summer is not like a traditional summer camp; it is an intensive program designed to give students a taste of the BFA college experience. Students will be in classes for the majority of each day, with short breaks between classes and longer breaks for mealtimes. After dinner students will either have free/practice time, a master class, or an optional event. Students will have one full day off in the middle of the program.

How big will classes be?

Class size varies by program, but in general students can expect 12-16 students in most daily classes. Students can expect 20-30 students in dance classes.

Who teaches the classes?

All ArtsBridge Summer faculty are college faculty at conservatory, college, and university programs across the country. Each class will also have a teaching assistant. Each program has its own faculty, so please visit each program page to see the specific faculty for that program.

What are initial and final assessments? Will I receive written feedback?

During initial assessments, students will perform for their peers and faculty before classes begin. This is not an audition, but rather a chance for the faculty to get to know the students and for the students to get more comfortable performing in front of new people and peers. Musical Theater and Musical Theater 2 students will also have initial dance assessments to place them in the appropriate level for dance classes. Dance assessments are the only assessments that are used for placement purposes. During final assessments, students will perform for their peers and faculty in a mock-audition style. This is a chance for students to share the work they have done throughout the program.  Musical Theater and Musical Theater 2 students will also have final dance assessments.  After the program, each student will receive a detailed, written report from the faculty discussing their work in assessments and classes throughout the program, strengths, suggestions for continued study, and repertoire recommendations.

Are there events for parents/guardians?

There are no in-person events for parents/guardians. There will be a virtual college admissions Q&A session hosted by ArtsBridge college admissions experts halfway through the program.

Dorms & Student Life

I live nearby. Do I have to live in the dorm?

All students are encouraged to live on-campus during the program to provide a more immersive experience, however it is not required. Local students may commute to campus each day for classes. Please note that most summers, the vast majority (if not all) students do live in the dorms.

What are the dorms like?

On-campus housing at Baldwin Wallace University consists of a co-ed dorm with double occupancy rooms. Rooms are air-conditioned and contain an extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, and wardrobe/closet. Hangers are not provided. The dorm has a shared kitchen, including a fridge and microwave.

Are there private or shared bathrooms?

Bathrooms in the dorms are shared among the residents and located in every hallway on every floor.

Will I have a roommate? How are roommates chosen?

Every student will have a roommate. Roommates are randomly assigned unless a student requests a roommate. In order for roommate requests to be honored, students must both request each other. Roommate requests will be honored when possible, but are not guaranteed. Room assignments will be made based on gender identity. Students of the same gender identity will be placed in rooms together based on random assignments. In the case of non-binary gender identity, ArtsBridge will reach out to ensure that the student has a rooming assignment that they are most comfortable with. Single rooms are available in certain situations.

Can I do laundry on campus?

Yes. Washers and dryers are available for use in the dorm at no cost. ArtsBridge will provide laundry detergent.

Are sheets and towels provided?

Yes. A linen pack will be provided for each student. Linen packs include bed sheets, pillow, blanket, two towels, and one washcloth. Students are welcome to bring their own bedding or towels if they would like.

Can I bring a cell phone, laptop, or tablet in the dorms?

Yes, students are welcome to bring cell phones, laptops, and tablets. ArtsBridge and Baldwin Wallace University do not take responsibility for lost or stolen items. Wi-fi is available.

Can I send mail to my student?

Yes! Students may receive letters and packages during the program. Items should not be sent to arrive prior to the start of the program. The mailing address will be provided to enrolled students.

I have a food allergy/dietary restriction. Will I be able to eat in the dining hall?

Yes! Students will submit food allergies and dietary restrictions ahead of time and this information will be communicated to the dining hall to ensure that there is food for all students to eat.

Will I have access to a gym?

Students will not have access to the campus gym.

Can I self-administer medication?

Students should be prepared to store and self-administer any regular medications. ArtsBridge staff are not able to store or administer medication to students. Possession or use of cannabis, medical or otherwise, is not permitted.

Is there a curfew?

Yes, all students, regardless of age, have a 10:00 p.m. curfew every day.

How do I know that my student will be safe and secure?

Dorms are only accessible with a security ID card by ArtsBridge Summer and Baldwin Wallace University students and staff. While staying in the dorms, students will be supervised by ArtsBridge’s Community Director, Assistant Community Director, and Resident Assistants. ArtsBridge will always have an on-call person in case of emergencies. In addition, Baldwin Wallace University’s campus Safety and Security is on campus 24/7 in the event of any emergencies.

How are students supervised during the day?

Students are permitted to travel by themselves on campus and in the direct surrounding area, but are encouraged to always use the buddy system. A map of “student boundaries” will be provided. ArtsBridge staff are always available and nearby should a student need assistance in navigating the campus, understanding their schedule, or anything else that may arise.


What clothes should I bring?

Students should bring comfortable clothing for their everyday classes, dance attire for dance classes (if applicable), and audition appropriate clothing for initial and final assessments. A more detailed packing list will be provided to enrolled students.

Should I bring cash or a credit/debit card?

Meal plan costs are included in “Room & Board,” which is paid for ahead of time for residential students. Extra snacks, souvenirs, and other provisions will not be provided, so cash or a credit/debit card is something to seriously consider.

Will there be work to do ahead of time?

Some classes will have specific assignments for students to complete before the start of the program (for example: memorizing an assigned monologue or reading a play). This varies based on the program and class. Details will be provided to enrolled students.


What is the nearest airport? Is airport transportation provided?

The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is the nearest airport and is less than 5 miles from campus. For students traveling alone, ArtsBridge will offer shuttle service to and from the airport at specific times for arrival and departure. The shuttle is provided at no additional cost. Students arriving outside the shuttle times will need to arrange for other transportation.

Can I arrive at the program late?

All students are encouraged to attend the full length of the program for the best possible student experience. However, late arrivals can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I depart the program late?

No, late departures cannot be accommodated. All students must depart campus within the regular check-out time.

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