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  • ArtsBridge Summer ArtSong

    Let your voice be heard for two phenomenal weeks.

    In the ArtSong program, high school voice students concentrate on solo classical vocal skills within the art song repertoire. The curriculum is focused on vocal technique, diction and language, repertoire, acting for singers, and performance and audition skills.

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    ArtSong applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until the program is filled

    Dates: July 19 – August 2, 2024

    Location: Baldwin Wallace University

    Tuition: $4,250

    Room & Board: $1,450

    *Need-based scholarship is available for tuition and application fee. Contact us at programs@artsbridge.com to learn more. Students must be at least 15 years old to participate.

    ArtSong 2024 Faculty

    Course Descriptions

    *Please note that the following are sample course descriptions. Final course descriptions will be provided to students in the spring.

    ArtsBridge Summer ArtSong is designed to give you the keys to create your own best audition and, by extension, your own best solo performance. This program was created to help you find your own unique and individual performances of the repertoire that you love to sing. Singers are offered an intense schedule with courses that address physical performance, vocal technical awareness and confidence, understanding of the text, facility of diction, comfort and ease in the body, and creative and coordinated application of all of those aspects of singing to your performance. When you leave this program we hope that we have given you the tools to help you find joy and confidence in performance and in auditioning.

    Audition Techniques: What sort of impression do I make in an audition setting and why? What is the best repertoire for me to present in an audition? How can I prepare to audition well and experience auditioning as an enjoyable performance? This course will provide you with feedback on every aspect of your audition and help you create the audition you want to give.

    Performance Skills Seminar: How do I take the ideas I have about my repertoire and turn those ideas into a physical, vocal, and musical performance that is expressive and communicative? How do I get out of my own way and let those ideas come through in my singing? Exploring all aspects of performance, this class gives you the tools to better assess and create your own performance.

    Lyric Diction: How can I clearly convey my meaning and intent in languages that aren’t my own? How do I know whether my diction is accurate and actually sounds like the language I’m singing in!? Having the tools for beautiful and expressive diction lead to beautiful and expressive singing.

    Vocology (Structure and Function of the Singing Voice): How do the systems of the voice function and how do I feel and experience that in my own body and in my singing? Knowing how the voice actually works helps young singers to interpret the range of instructions they receive from teachers, coaches, conductors and directors, and to find results in their own body and instrument.

    Song Repertoire: Where did this music come from? What makes it great? Which came first, the poetry or the music? And how do I make sense of poetry, even in my own language, much less in a language that I don’t fully understand. Song Repertoire class is about giving singers the tools to understand what is on the page, and how to give it life in their performances.

    Voice Lessons and Coachings: One on one time with a trusted mentor/teacher is key to discovering the voice and the performer within, helping a young singer to better understand his or her instrument and to bring the voice out into the world. Each student in ArtsBridge ArtSong will receive two voice lessons and three coachings during the two week session.

    Acting: How do I convey the meaning, intention, and emotion behind a song in more ways than just with music and text? Acting skills are essential in creating the most compelling performance or audition.

    Movement: Awareness of the body, how it moves, and why it doesn’t is vital for all performing artists, but it is crucial for singers. In this course learning to be aware, to pay attention, to control and to release control will be key elements to finding freedom in physical expression and in singing.

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