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  • ArtsBridge Artistic Assessments. It’s about your growth as an artist.

    Do I have what it takes to major in the arts?


    You’ve dreamt of seeing your name in lights, or playing to a packed house. You’ve envisioned sharing your art on some of the world’s biggest stages. So how do you measure your abilities? If you don’t know where you stand, how will you know what to improve?


    Am I good enough to major in the arts

    Evaluate your skills.

    Overcome weaknesses.

    Build on strengths.


    In grade school, everybody gets a trophy. But at the college level and beyond, the competition intensifies. How do you know if you have what it takes? Find out with an ArtsBridge Artistic Assessment. Here’s how it works:

    • Upload your artistic material or attend a live assessment session
    • ArtsBridge has your material reviewed by top college faculty and admissions professionals in your field
    • You receive thoughtful, written feedback on where you currently stand against other applicants as well as suggestions on how to improve
    • Students and parents meet with ArtsBridge to review the assessment and discuss where to go from there

    ArtsBridge Artistic Assessments provide invaluable information about your strengths and weaknesses as an artist. You’ll learn how to improve and grow in the creative or performing arts, and you’ll be able to build your college application list ranging from realistic targets to reaches. Ultimately, it’s about entering the college application process with confidence.

    It’s never too early to have an artistic assessment. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it is vitally important to know where you stand.

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