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  • Institutional Consulting. Creating an impact on recruitment and enrollment.

    What’s the most effective way to advance your arts program?


    ArtsBridge assists and inspires colleges and conservatories in countless ways. We work with institutional consulting clients to strengthen a broad range of areas including:

    • Program enhancements
    • Enrollment planning
    • Recruitment and marketing plans
    • Financial aid strategy
    • Interim leadership


    Having served as heads of admissions and student affairs at arts-based college programs, the experts at ArtsBridge bring an experienced perspective to schools and programs across the nation.

    Halley Shefler, Founder and President at ArtsBridge, brings an unusual and varied background to the consultancy. Halley has served as head of admissions at several institutions, including both academic university and conservatory environments. She has experience as a teacher and counselor in secondary schools, and she has also been a flutist with several professional ensembles. See bio »

    Shaun Ramsay, Vice President at ArtsBridge, shares an in-depth knowledge of the admissions field and brings experience in enrollment and student affairs from multiple institutions. Shaun has presented widely at conferences such as the National Association of College Admission Counselors and the Performing Arts Admissions Roundtable Conference. See bio »

    By helping to improve university, college and conservatory arts programs and elevating recruitment and enrollment, in addition to counseling students, our services help the entire cycle flow better for the benefit of all.

    “Acceptd’s collaboration with ArtsBridge has deepened our knowledge and relationships within the visual and performing arts. Halley’s extensive network and expertise has contributed to the success of Acceptd, and we look forward to our growing relationship.”

    Derek Brown
    CEO, Acceptd

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