I keep hearing about starving artists. Should I even consider visual arts as a major in college?

website builders Majoring in art is exactly like majoring in any field in college, and in many ways, it is even better. College is always “you get out of it what you put into it”, as the saying goes.  A visual art major is, after graduation, at the same crossroads as an anthropology, psychology, or philosophy major. You all need to know where you will go next. If you continue as a working artist, that’s great. The list of student artists going on to successful careers is endless. But like every other major, there are no guarantees. If you choose not to continue in the arts professionally, and choose another career path, you will always have your art to complete your life. After working all day, you come home to the one thing that enhances your life — art.  That is more than someone with a degree in anthropology or psychology can say! The bottom line? Follow your dream!

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