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  • Aside from the art program, what else should I look for in deciding where to attend?

    The college selection process is a very complicated one. Try to limit yourself to 4-6 choices based on the things that are important to you. Important things to consider include: geographic location, size and reputation of the school, big city versus small town or rural, the quality and reputation of the faculty, and of course, cost. It is a complicated mix of where you want to be for the next 4 years and which school sees you as a significant asset that they want to accept. With art programs, you need to add to this mix the quality of the student work you see on their web site and in person. Many feel that the single most important indicator of an art program is the student work it produces. It says almost everything you need to know about the quality of teaching and mentorship that occurs there. And, take time to enjoy the process — it usually only happens once in your life!

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