How busy will students be? Will there be free time?

ArtsBridge Summer is not like a traditional summer camp; it is an intensive program designed to give students a taste of the BFA college experience. Students will be in classes for the majority of each day, with short breaks between classes and longer breaks for mealtimes. After dinner students will either have free/practice time, a […]


How big will classes be?

Class size varies by program, but in general students can expect 12-16 students in most daily classes. Students can expect 20-30 students in dance classes.


Who teaches the classes?

All ArtsBridge Summer faculty are college faculty at conservatory, college, and university programs across the country. Each class will also have a teaching assistant. Each program has its own faculty, so please visit each program page to see the specific faculty for that program.


What are initial and final assessments? Will I receive written feedback?

During initial assessments, students will perform for their peers and faculty before classes begin. This is not an audition, but rather a chance for the faculty to get to know the students and for the students to get more comfortable performing in front of new people and peers. Musical Theater and Musical Theater 2 students […]


Are there events for parents/guardians?

There are no in-person events for parents/guardians. There will be a virtual college admissions Q&A session hosted by ArtsBridge college admissions experts halfway through the program.


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