Is it acceptable to go to regional auditions in select cities, or should I go to each school to audition?

Our recommendation on this is based on our experiences in admissions. If the decision makers are at the regional auditions, it is fine. If you will be auditioning for a staff member and a video camera, we would pass.


Is it acceptable to audition at the Unified Theatre Auditions, or should I go to each school?

The Unified Theatre Auditions offer students the opportunity to audition for many schools under one roof. Every school has a room, and the student goes from room to room to audition. Most schools require that a student apply first, but it is not unheard of to audition for a school before an application has been […]


How important is my audition repertoire?

VERY. Select material that presents you at your best. Avoid material that is beyond your current abilities. Don’t choose material just because you think the faculty want to see it or because you think it will impress! The way to really impress to choose material that is within your abilities, that you love, and that […]


What’s a prescreen audition?

A prescreen audition is simply an “audition” to “audition”. More and more colleges/university programs/conservatories are requiring this and it is a terrific idea. If you pass the “prescreen” you are invited to campus to do a live audition, and if not, you’ve saved a great deal of time, effort, and money auditioning for a program […]


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