Best Summer Arts Programs? Our Picks For 2023!

Please note that some details for the programs listed below may change due to COVID-19. Be sure to click the links listed at the end of each program’s description to go directly to their website and read the most up to date information. Personally selected and highly rated programs by ArtsBridge students & faculty. Summer […]


Ten Summer Theater Programs that ArtsBridge Loves

If you’re a high school student with a serious interest in theater, you probably already know that summer isn’t the time to chill out by the pool or play video games all day; that certainly won’t impress the college admission committees. One productive way to spend your summer is to attend a rigorous summer theater program where […]


5 Tips To Find The Best Summer Theater Programs

The right performing arts summer program requires the right fit.   If you talk to enough college students in various theater programs, what’s interesting is that many of them will credit a summer arts program as being a key turning point in their acting or musical theater endeavors. Many have attended more than one program […]


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