Starting off Strong: ArtsBridge Summer Starter Edition Recap

Last week, our San Francisco program, ArtsBridge Summer Starter Edition, came to a close. Now that we’ve had a minute to catch our breath, we are happy to report that it was an enormous success!

ArtsBridge Summer students posing after the last day of Hip Hop class with Jessica Wolf

ArtsBridge Summer students posing after the last day of Hip Hop class with Jessica Wolf

The program was taught by stellar industry experts in the Bay area, as well as college faculty: Gary Kline from Carnegie Mellon and Stephanie Shroyer from USC. Betty Schneider served as our fabulous Artistic Director and Ari Strasser was the program’s organizational wizard…well, Ari’s official job title is “Director of Artistic programs,” but she’s definitely also a wizard. Read more about the entire amazing ArtsBridge Summer faculty here.

Here’s what we’ve heard from parents and students:

“It was such an amazing experience for me. Getting to know all the  incredible kids, learning so much from all the instructors, and having lots of healthy self-reflection about who I am as an artist and a performer has really made me appreciative of the process I went through.” –Mia S., student

“Each evening I ask Ethan how today’s class was and what he learned. Each day it’s the same answer. He gets a HUGE smile on his face and says, “IT WAS AWESOME!” He then proceeds to go 100 miles an hour telling me about the great teachers, students, and activities. And most nights it’s followed by a demonstration of all the dance moves he learned.” –Henry B., parent

“Thank you for the most AMAZING week! Max had an absolute blast! I truly believe you made a positive, everlasting impact on him and I couldn’t be more grateful.”–Cathryn W., parent

We’re so excited, so proud, and so energized by these reactions. Now we’re getting ready to head to ArtsBridge Summer, our flagship college-prep program, in Minneapolis next week!

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