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  • College Prep Timeline For The Arts: June

    The monthly planning guide for visual & performing arts students


    Didn’t the school year just begin? It really does go that quickly, so do what you can to finish strong and begin planning for the coming year. Just remember, as you look ahead to the summer and beyond, enjoy the moment and appreciate all of the hard work that got you to this point. And keep in mind that each small step you take now will payoff in terms of setting the stage for the best possible college experience (and literally setting the stage for performing artists).


    Senior Arts Students — Complete your college enrollment process. After accepting an offer, you should receive information from the college about items such as course scheduling, housing arrangements, orientation sessions, and specific forms you will need to fill out. Be sure to finish all required paperwork by the deadlines. While you’re completing all of these key tasks, don’t forget to let your college enthusiasm and excitement show!

    Senior Parents — Give yourself a pat on the back. Both you and your child deserve tons of credit! The high school years aren’t often easy, and thanks to your efforts, your student is about to turn the page and begin a wonderful new chapter. It may be a good idea to help organize a file to keep track of summer mailings from the college with categories that include orientation, housing, course registration, and finances. You’ve both come a long way. Congratulations!


    Junior Arts Students — Contact your recommendation writers. Teachers and guidance counselors get many requests to write recommendations for lots of students. Give them a heads up now so they’ll have time to prepare before getting tons of requests in the fall. Ask teachers who know you well and who will have positive things to say. Letters of recommendation from a coach, activity leader, or adult who knows you well outside of school are also valuable. Get your essays going too. Compose drafts of the essays you’ll need for your college applications. Have a teacher read and discuss them with you so you have a good sense of which areas need work.

    Junior Parents — Double check one more time. Make sure your child is registered for anything that still needs to be completed. If your student has a test coming up, mark the test and registration dates on the family calendar. Think scholarships. Take advantage of the summer break by searching scholarship and financial aid websites with your child, or by checking out library resources.


    Sophomore Arts Students — Consider taking SAT Subject Tests. 
It is a good idea to take these types of tests while the material is still fresh in mind. So take SAT Subject Tests now in the courses you took this year. Use the summer wisely. Finding summer work will look good on your resume to prospective colleges and employers. Of course, anything you can do to enhance your arts skills and/or portfolio, either practice or helpful programs, will go a long way.

    Sophomore Parents — Help plan for the coming school year. Keep an eye on your student’s registration for fall classes and activities. Encourage your child to take the most challenging classes possible and to participate in at least one community service activity. Finalize any summer plans, and, just as you may have done last year, devise a summer reading list together that will help the transition into junior year.


    Freshman Arts Students — Make your summer count. Naturally, the summer break from school is the perfect time for fun and relaxation. But, there are plenty of ways to have fun and build your credentials as well during the summer, such as volunteering, getting a job, or signing up for an arts enrichment program.

    Freshman Parents — Make adjustments for the year ahead. Together, with your student, review and evaluate the comprehensive academic program and activities record started earlier in the school year, make any necessary changes, and update accordingly for the coming year. Encourage your child to continue to explore his or her talents in the arts.


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