College Prep Timeline For The Arts: July

The monthly planning guide for visual & performing arts students


Summer break is officially here, and it should be fully enjoyed. At the same time, with a few key steps, you can take advantage of the break to help set you up for success in the upcoming semester and well into your college years. For seniors, it’s time to catch your breath, have fun, and let the excitement build for the next phase of life. For high school arts students who are in the midst of college preparation, you can accomplish plenty this summer and have a great time doing so.


Senior Arts Students — Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off. You graduated high school, you’re all set for college, and you are about to embark on a very exciting and meaningful journey in your life. Appreciate this special time, and take on the next phase with great enthusiasm! Best of luck!

Senior Parents — Take a moment to reflect and celebrate! The years have gone by quickly, but think about all of the time and effort you have put in to get to this point. If you’re feeling a bit emotional, it’s only natural. During this transitional period, keep in mind that moving on from high school to college is a special accomplishment. Give yourself and your child well-deserved credit. Even if there were bumps in the road, you’ve both done a great job to get here!


Junior Arts Students — Visit your top colleges choices. Explore the campuses of a few of your preferred colleges. Take the official tour and speak with the admissions and financial aid staff. If summer classes are in session, see if you can speak with some of the students. Plan your performance auditions or visual portfolios. Each school has their own requirements and preferences, so learn as much as you can about them. In addition to getting the advice and perspective of admissions, it can help to hear what students have to say about a particular school or arts program.

Junior Parents — Use the summer to your student’s advantage. Don’t let the slower pace of the season keep your child from accomplishing key goals. By now, he or she should be accustomed to summer employment or other constructive activities. College admission officers like to know that students are spending their summers wisely. This is also a good time for visiting some college campuses and planning fall visits for others.


Sophomore Arts Students — Get your college search going. Decide what factors are important to you, and begin to put together a list of colleges to match your search criteria. Plan on attending college fairs and read the material you get from many types of schools to see what aspects appeal to you. Start to contact colleges of interest. Request more information about academic requirements and programs or activities that are particularly attractive to you.

Sophomore Parents — Foster your child’s interests. Talk about the things your child enjoys doing, what brings happiness, and what doesn’t. Help find activities that tie into his or her interests. Summer study, jobs, and volunteer work can help open up new skill sets and areas of interest, plus they rate high with admission officials. As a student of the arts, see if your child can “shadow” someone who works or performs in the area that has the most appeal.


Freshman Arts Students — Summer activities go a long way. There are a lot of ways to build your credentials and have fun at the same time this summer, such as volunteering, getting a full or part-time job, or signing up for an enrichment program. So don’ let the summer go by without making it count.

Freshman Parents — Read from the reading list. Now that summer is here, make sure your student has a summer reading list that will help with the academic transition to 10th grade. You may want to read what your student is reading to encourage interest and discussion. Finalize any other summer plans that may have been in development.


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