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  • College Prep Timeline For The Arts: December

    The monthly planning guide for visual & performing arts students


    It’s just about time for the winter break and the holidays. Family and friends, who haven’t seen us in a while, will likely ask what we’re up to, and that’s a good thing because it’s the perfect opportunity to ask ourselves the same question. This is a great time to take stock to see if we’re on course to reach our academic and arts goals. Some of us may find that we need to take a step back and better define those goals. So take a little time to get on track and have a great holiday!


    Senior Arts Students — Follow up on all of your applications. 
Verify with your guidance counselor that all forms are in order and that they have been sent out to the appropriate colleges. Check with each of the schools to make sure they have received all your information, including test scores, transcripts, and recommendations. A little double-checking can go a long way, and with all of the time and effort you’ve put in to get to this point, now is no time to let up on your endeavors in school. Continue to do the work. Colleges do check senior grades.

    Senior Parents — Take a close look at the calendar. Be sure to get your federal financial aid forms (FAFSA) either from the guidance office or online, and if any workshops are available, you may want to attend. Remind your child about any January or February application deadlines and have him or her confirm that the teachers and guidance staff are up-to-date with reference forms. You’ll also want to make sure that transcripts are being sent to all of the short-list colleges.


    Junior Arts Students — Organize your college information. 
Set up a filing system, both online and offline, with individual folders for correspondence and printed materials from each college. This will make it much easier to locate the specific information you’re looking for when you really need it. And you will! Sign up for standardized tests. Find out if the colleges you are interested in require the SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Tests, and register now to take the tests you need in the winter or spring. You can take them again in the fall of your senior year if you’re not happy with your scores.

    Junior Parents — Look ahead and ask questions. Keeping test results in mind, help your child refine the list of colleges. If you or any of your friends or relatives have a college student at home for the winter break, make every effort to ask them questions about their college experiences and encourage your student to do the same. For performing arts students, this is also a great time to look into summer programs such as ArtsBridge Summer.


    Sophomore Arts Students — Read, write, and seek advice. Continue to develop your reading skills to help you prepare for tests while making you a more well-rounded person. Read lots of recommended books as well as the news to stay on top of current events. You’ll need good writing skills no matter what path you pursue, so work on them now. Work with a teacher or another adult who can guide and encourage you to write well. Check in with your guidance counselor for advice and to make sure you’re staying on track. Discuss your PSAT scores, and ask about postsecondary enrollment options and Advanced Placement (AP) courses that may be appropriate.

    Sophomore Parents — Help plan for improvement. PSAT/NMSQT scores should be back by now and between you, your child, and the high school guidance counselor, this is a good time to develop strategies for improving weak areas, if needed. It’s also a great time to look into summer programs for performing arts students such as ArtsBridge Summer.


    Freshman Arts Students — Connect with friends & family. Winter break is a great chance to get together and spend time with friends and family. These are the people you trust most, so ask to hear about their high school and college experiences and for any advice they can offer related to your interest in the arts. Enjoy the good company and have a great time with any activities you choose to do together.

    Freshman Parents — Open the dialogue. Keep up regular conversations with your child about his or her academic progress. Make sure the course levels and the grade levels are appropriate. If not, your student may need help to establish better study habits or create a more conducive study environment. If needed, work together to develop an improvement plan and keep in mind that encouragement is the best motivation.


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