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  • College Arts Spotlight: July 2014

    Featured performing and visual college arts programs of the month


    While summer break is a time to relax, it’s also a great time to casually review college arts programs. Students at Northwestern University School of Communication have the benefit of theater arts practice, history, and theory along with a stellar liberal arts education. As the oldest conservatory in the American West, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music has earned an impeccable international reputation. The University of Arizona School of Dance is one of the top programs in the US and England, and Pennsylvania College of Art & Design offers a rigorous, professional curriculum in state-of-the-art facilities.


    Theater: Northwestern University School of Communication

    Theatre students at Northwestern are actors, designers, writers, storytellers, stage managers, arts administrators, directors, producers, fundraisers, dancers, singers, and more. Of all college arts programs, here students receive a full range of instruction and experience in the theatre arts — practice, history, and theory — along with the full benefits of a liberal arts education to nurture the well-rounded and diverse student body. The faculty at Northwestern has a wealth of expertise, including history of the theatre, acting and directing, dance, music theatre, creative drama, storytelling, children’s theatre, playwriting, stage management, and costume, set and light design. Many faculty members also work as professionals in productions in Chicago and nationally. Northwestern theatre artists combine highly developed performance capabilities with a broad knowledge of theatre literature and theory. Whether your focus is acting, directing, playwriting, production or design, you are presented with the opportunity to practice your craft in the multi-stage Theatre and Interpretation Center where up to forty productions are staged each year. Visit the website


    Music: The San Francisco Conservatory of Music

    As the first conservatory in the American West, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music embodies the innovative spirit of its home city. Founded in 1917, the Conservatory rapidly grew to meet demand for instruction in orchestral instruments, theory, composition and voice. Today, approximately 400 collegiate students from 37 states and 25 countries pursue bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and postgraduate studies. The distinguished faculty includes more than two-dozen members of the San Francisco Symphony, Opera and Ballet orchestras, and legendary guest artists make frequent appearances to enhance the Conservatory’s reputation as an international center of music education. The Bachelor of Music degree program represents a rigorous music curriculum designed to develop professional musicians at the highest possible level. Outstanding resources include a world-class faculty, acclaimed guest artists, and a beautiful new facility, to provide each student at the Conservatory with the opportunity to excel in developing a personal artistic voice. Visit the website


    Dance: The University of Arizona School of Dance

    The School of Dance is a vital component within the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona. The faculty excels in both the professional and academic worlds, and they are in demand nationally and internationally as teachers and scholars at festivals, workshops, schools and conferences worldwide. Unique in its equal emphasis on ballet, modern, and jazz dance training, the University of Arizona School of Dance is considered one of the top programs in the US and England. Carol J. Everett, Director of Admissions at Juilliard, listed the UA’s dance program as one of the 20 best in “The Performing Arts Major’s College Guide” and Dance Spirit Magazine listed UA Dance among its “Great College Dance Programs.” It is through performing that students are fully able to integrate and apply what they have learned in the classroom. Dance majors rehearse and perform in an award winning, state-of-the-art facility that hosts 40 to 50 performances a year by UA Dance. Students here have the best of both worlds — a nationally reputed dance program with a conservatory environment and an institution lauded for scientific discoveries and research. Visit the website


    Visual Arts: Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCA&D)

    Pennsylvania College of Art & Design welcomes aspiring artists who are seeking an independent and serious, arts-focused education. Offering majors in digital media, fine art, graphic design, illustration, and photography, the innovative curriculum challenges students to explore their creativity, foster growth through real-life internship experiences, and affirm their passion for a career in the visual arts. The intimate environment enables students to receive more individualized instruction from the studio faculty, all of whom are professional, working artists and designers. State-of-the-art facilities and a rigorous, professional curriculum at PCA&D provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in arts-related positions or advanced studies following graduation. The students thrive in this culture and are able to combine the advantages of a larger city with the comfort and safety of a smaller town. With over one hundred galleries, museums, clubs, unique shops, cafes and restaurants, students find that PCA&D in Lancaster city is a great place to live and learn. Visit the website


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