Transferable Skills Gained Being A Theatre Major

10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Can Prepare YOU for Success Here are 10 ways being a theatre major can help you succeed: Improvisation. The great thing about the stage is that when it’s live and you’re up in front of that audience anything can, and does, happen. Dropped lines, missed entrances, or malfunctioning props require […]


How to Make Your Dream of Becoming a Performing Artist a Reality

I’ve been working for a long time with a student — let’s call him Joshua.  When he first came to work with me, he and his parents were convinced that he was going to be a jazz vocalist. Now, this student had a few challenges in his way. He also didn’t really have the chops […]


Arts Major in College — Am I Good Enough?

This is the question I get more than any other — Am I good enough?  Or some variation of, like…. How do I know if I am good enough?  Why won’t anyone tell me if I am good enough? Or even, everyone says I am so great – but am I really? The answer is — you’re probably […]


6 College Admissions Tips for Artistic Students

6 College Admissions Tips for Artistic Students By Lynn O’Shaughnessy Reprinted from US News & World If your child wants to major in musical theater or some other performing art, go ahead and blame it on Glee, American Idol or America’s Got Talent. Television shows make performing look fun, but the process of applying […]


ArtsBridge Class of 2012 — Where we’re going!

Wondering where the members of the ArtsBridge Class of 2012 are going to college? Here’s the list! American University, BA Theater Berklee College of Music, BM Music Boston Conservatory, BFA Musical Theater Boston University, BFA Acting Carnegie Mellon, BFA Musical Theater Cincinnati Conservatory of Music — University of Cincinnati, BFA Musical Theater Elon University, BFA […]


Issues that College Students in the Arts Face When Transferring

I saw a recent survey that shows one-third of parents of high school students say they are considering sending their child to a local community college for two years and then transferring the student to a four-year school. Sounds like a practical plan for financial reasons, but for arts students, a college transfer can be […]


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