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  • 10 College Interview Questions To Ask

    Make an impression by showing interest with a few key questions.


    In our September ArtsBlog post, 10 College Interview Questions to Expect, we prepared you for the type of dialog you’re likely to encounter. This month, we’re taking a look at the flip side by helping you prepare engaging college interview questions for you to ask. Your meeting is likely to end with the interviewer asking if you have any further questions. Use this an opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm about the school and let your personality shine through. It’s another chance to leave a lasting impression while learning more about the course work and campus life.


    1. How much weight is given to audition or portfolio evaluation vs. academic record?

    Different schools put more or less emphasis on academics vs artistic abilities. This question will give you a better idea of how you’ll be evaluated by the admissions decision makers.


    2. How many students are accepted into my program of interest?

    The answer to this question will give you a sense of how competitive the school or arts program may be. Also, be sure to find out what the average class size is in your area of study. You’ll want an environment that you are comfortable with and will help you progress.


    3. Can you tell me about the teachers I might have freshman year?

    Are some of the freshman courses taught by teaching assistants? Are there professional actors, dancers, and artists on the staff? Most performing and visual arts school faculties offer a combination of academics and professionals. If you want to be mentored by people who practice their art, you need to find out who your teachers will be.


    4. I looked at course descriptions, and I’m wondering what are the most popular classes?

    This question shows the interviewer that you did some serious research, and you’re already seeing yourself as part of the school. It’s always helpful to find out which classes or professors are at the top of the list, so you’ll be sure to consider them when planning your schedule.


    5. What percentage of the workload is academic vs studio?

    Depending on the specific arts discipline, some programs are more rigorous than others. Find out what the balance between course time and rehearsal/studio time will be. It’s good to know exactly what will be expected of you day-to-day.


    6. What performance or professional opportunities are available to students?

    Showcasing your talents is an important part of any performing or visual artist’s development. Does the school frequently hold concerts, theater, or art shows that students can participate in? Do they partner with outside professional groups? Find out what the possibilities will be in your specialty.


    7. Are there opportunities for work/study positions or internships in my field of study?

    Most programs offer a variety of employment options for students, but it would be great if the experience could tie in directly with your area of the arts. This will help you discover your range of options.


    8. What careers have graduates of my program pursued?

    Professional opportunities in the performing and visual arts are expanding every day. Discover what the career options are for your area of study and what type of career guidance the school might offer.


    9. What do students in the arts programs do for fun?

    This is the perfect chance to highlight your interests beyond your chosen field of study and help the interviewer learn more about you as a person. Are there clubs or activities related to your interests? Let your interviewer know what you like to do in your spare time. Also, ask where the popular hangouts are for arts students. Stop by to chat with some students. You’ll likely get some valuable insight into the student experience that you won’t find out in a formal interview.


    10. Are there any additional steps you can suggest to increase the odds for admission?

    This works well as a closing question because it demonstrates your interest and the desire to do everything you can to attend the school. The interviewer may be able to provide specific advice that you can include on your application.


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