Will colleges look down on me if I work during the summer, rather than going to a summer program?

Often it is the opposite. Colleges like students who take on the responsibility of a job. Often a student will work for a portion of a summer, and will do something educational as well.


I am thinking of going to the Carnegie Mellon Summer Theater program. That will help me get in right?

No, it won’t, but everyone thinks it will. Go to this program because you want to go, learn, develop and have a great experience. Don’t go because you think you will get in if you attend.


How do I find out about good summer programs?

Research. Talk to people, talk to your arts teachers, and investigate online.


Why is it important to attend a summer program?

Because you get to see your competition, develop your talents, explore possibilities within your art, and imagine what it might look like to do this in college.


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