My high school knows very little about visual and performing arts schools. What should I do?

Speak with your arts teachers — they can be a great resource. Or seek out an expert firm like ArtsBridge.


Does attending an arts high school like LaGuardia or Interlochen give me an advantage in being accepted at a performing or visual arts college?

In all our years in college admissions, we can honestly say that most students who got in were from plain old public high schools!


Should I take any private lessons with a teacher in my major?

If you are going into a program where the applied teacher is critical (instrumental music, voice, opera, composition, etc), then yes, you should either take lessons with a few teachers or ask to sit in on one.


Do SAT’s matter? I hear artistic students do better on the ACT? Is this true?

Sometimes artistic students do better on the ACT. The SAT was designed as an aptitude test. It tests your reasoning and verbal abilities, not what you’ve learned in school. In fact, the SAT was supposed to be a test that one could not study for (studying does not change one’s aptitude). The ACT, on the […]


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