Are the application deadlines different for arts schools?

Very often they are, and many students miss out! Go to each college website (don’t rely on the common app site), and check each out carefully. Often colleges that prescreen require that you submit materials by November 1st or earlier.


How can I get the admissions review committee to notice ME, among all of the applications they receive?

Be who you are and show who you are. Admissions committees are genuinely interested in the whole person — beyond what they read on your transcript or recommendations. Don’t be shy about your accomplishments and be sure to take the time to write an honest and thoughtful essay that is specific to that institution. Your […]


Is it easier academically to get into a conservatory-type program than a university based program?

Yes, generally, it is. What matters most of the time is your audition. However, there are fewer stand-alone programs than there used to be. For example, only two stand-alone theater programs now exist; Juilliard (BFA in Acting) and Boston Conservatory (BFA in Musical Theater). All of the others are university based.


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