Theater Gap Year Programs for 2022-2023

Looking for a Theater-Based Gap Year Program? Check These Out! If you’re a theater student considering a gap year before college, then you’ve come to the right place. Gap years and gap semesters are becoming an increasingly popular option for many young people and can take on many different forms. There are also many reasons […]


View from the ArtsBridge: A Junior’s Advice on How to Choose a College

In our View from the ArtBridge blog series, we’re highlighting members of the ArtsBridge community, mining them for advice for students still in the throes of the application process. Wondering where to apply? How to choose a college? How to prepare for your auditions? ArtsBridge students have advice! (If you missed our last interview with […]


How Musical Training Trains The Brain For Success

Studies show benefits of music education in cognitive development.   You may be aware of some of the ways that the study of music translates to broader educational benefits. However, in recent years there has been extensive research with evidence-based studies that document increased learning abilities. In other words, there are conclusive results showing that […]


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