What To Do When You’re Waitlisted

You’ve waited months for an admissions decision, only to find that you’re waitlisted at one of your top choice schools. How can you deal with this college decision purgatory? First: Understand what what a waitlist is, how it works, and what it means to be on one. This isn’t fun to hear, but it really […]


Arts Admissions in the COVID-19 Era

This time of year is always a roller coaster for college-bound high school seniors and their parents – waiting for decisions, celebrating acceptances, dealing with rejection, figuring out financial aid, and the big one: choosing a college to attend. But most years aren’t like this one. A year into the pandemic, the ups and downs […]


Multiple Acceptances? How to Decide Between Schools

You’re in! You’re in! You’re in! But now where do you go?  All you really need is one acceptance, but many of the students we work with rack up several. That seems like a great situation to be in, but the decision can be tough. If you’re deciding between programs, here are few tips to […]


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