How to Ace Your College Admissions Interview

How to Ace Your College Admissions Interview: Questions to Expect, Questions to Ask, and What Not to Do – Interviews are a vital part of the college admissions process for performing and visual arts students. Arts applicants come face-to-face with both admissions officers and faculty as part of the audition or portfolio review process. Even […]


Do you have what it takes to major in the arts?

Do you have what it takes to major in the performing or visual arts? Ask yourself these 9 questions. Wondering how you stack up against other college-bound students in the performing and visual arts? We all know how competitive the top-tiered college arts programs can be. The good news is that beyond the most prestigious schools, there […]


10 Ways to Show the Love to College Admissions and Faculty

Make a personalized impression as a student and an artist.  No matter where you are in the college search process, former college deans of admissions who now consult at ArtsBridge will tell you there are several actions you can take to personally stand out. The steps below can be applied to different phases of your search […]


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