What type of student do top college arts programs look for?

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"She still talks about her wonderful time at ArtsBridge this past summer and knows it helped her immensely with confidence and growth. She just had her first audition/interview at UCLA and felt very prepared. Thanks for conceiving of the summer program." —Eileen H., parent

"Thanks to everyone involved with ArtsBridge, especially Halley Shefler for making it all happen! It's been a joy to learn, play, and grow, even over such a short amount of time, with such talented and kind students, interns, and staff members. I love you all and wish everyone the best of luck." -- Annie C. (student)

"Thank you so much for everything you did to make ArtsBridge a success. I would not have been able to tackle this audition process without the experience I had in New York. The faculty and staff were so helpful and I'm so thankful for all you did for me and all of the students. I learned so much and am so appreciative of all your hard work and dedication to ArtsBridge. Thank you for everything!!!" -- Michelle C. (student)  

"Thank you again for having the ArtsBridge Summer program.  It really was life changing for my daugher.  She says often how she wishes her school could be at ArtsBridge!" -- Lisa M. (parent)

"I never got a chance to tell you how much I loved ArtsBridge, and I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you do. I learned so much valuable information and feel so much more prepared for college auditions. You are just amazing!" -- Sarah B. (student)

“I can't thank you enough for what you did for Renee this past couple of weeks. Your program was so far beyond our expectations! It was unbelievable! We really did not have any clue as to how Renee would pursue Musical Theatre at the College level. You gave her so much guidance and confidence that she so certain as to what she wants to do now. You opened up a whole new world for her and she is so determined to follow her dream. The professional talent that you had to mentor these kids was truly amazing! I can't thank you enough for this opportunity.” — JoAnne G. (parent)

“There are all the colleges on my son's list that we never knew about before we worked with you" — Jill C. (parent)

“This is an AMAZING theatre college prep program. With top faculty members from all the top colleges (Carnegie Mellon, Pace, BoCo, Emerson, Syracuse, NYU etc.). You get to work with them, get the feel for the college, make friends, be theatre dorks and GET GOOD SONGS FOR YOU REPERTOIRE — THAT SUIT YOU! (I know… like Christmas for theatre kids!) and it’s FUN. You're smack in the middle of New York. Live, breath, think theatre for two weeks with people who understand! If you want to pursue theatre professionally, DEFINITELY look into this program! It's hard work but completely worth it! Everyone is amazing ♥ The program is incredible! I guarantee you! I learned sooo much.” — Tierra K. (student)

“You are the most professional program we’ve dealt with to date!” — Bob S. (parent)

“ArtsBridge Summer meant more to me than I ever expected it to. Not only did I receive invaluable information from the amazing faculty, but I also made friendships that I know will last a lifetime!” — Jaime C. (student)

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