ArtSong Assessments

Final Assessments

Final assessments are a chance for students to share the work they’ve done throughout the program with the faculty. After the program, each student will receive a detailed, written report from the faculty discussing their work in the program and in their final assessment performance.

What to Prepare for Final Assessments

Please prepare two art songs.

Just like initial assessments, you’ll present your pieces live on Zoom and all students will be present to watch their peers present. The Zoom link for final assessments can be found in the event’s description in your Teamup schedule. You can see the order of students here.

Initial Assessments

Our mission this summer is very simple: to prepare the students as best as we can for what lies ahead – whether one, two, or three years away – the college admissions and audition process.  There is no other summer program that we are aware of that does what we are doing, so this is a very exciting opportunity for both the students and the faculty. Our faculty is made up of professors from programs around the country, and we are thrilled about this unique chance for the students.

Initial assessments give the faculty a chance to meet you and see a sample of your work. It is an opportunity for the faculty to learn a bit about you before diving into classwork. This year initial assessments will be live on Zoom on Sunday, July 25th.

What to Prepare for Initial Assessments

You will present ONE art song live on Zoom. All faculty and all students in your program will be present.

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