Act and sing as if you’re discovering it for the first time, and you will.

Rehearse every time as if for the first time because it is. If you are truly in the moment, the acting appears effortless and flows with ease. That sense of spontaneity is invaluable and recognized by everyone in the audience, especially directors of theater departments.

This is an AMAZING theater college prep program — top faculty from top colleges!”

—  Tierra K. (student)

The ArtsBridge team and associated college faculty encourage an exploration of talents in discovering the varied aspects of theater:

  • Musical theater
  • Acting
  • Drama
  • Voice
  • Movement & dance
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Frequently Asked Questions about Performing Arts Auditions

Is it acceptable to go to regional auditions in select cities, or should I go to each school to audition?

Our recommendation on this is based on our experiences in admissions. If the decision makers are at the regional auditions, it is fine. If you will be auditioning for a staff member and a video camera, we would pass.

Is it acceptable to audition at the Unified Theatre Auditions, or should I go to each school?

The Unified Theatre Auditions offer students the opportunity to audition for many schools under one roof. Every school has a room, and the student goes from room to room to audition. Most schools require that a student apply first, but it is not unheard of to audition for a school before an application has been made. Generally students and their families stay at the hotel where the auditions are being held. The flip side is it is a very intense few days being surrounded by hundred of other students all hoping for the same dream. Depending on your personality, it may be less stressful going to the college to audition.

How important is my audition repertoire?

VERY. If you sing or play a piece of work that is too difficult, too fast, difficult to sing or play in tune, it will show all of your weaknesses. Select material that presents you at your best.

What’s a prescreen audition?

A prescreen audition is simply an "audition" to "audition". More and more colleges/university programs/conservatories are requiring this and it is a terrific idea. If you pass the "prescreen" you are invited to campus to do a live audition, and if not, you've saved a great deal of time, effort, and money auditioning for a program that is likely not right for you.

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