Arts Specialization

Know your art, and know what each different college wants to see.

Every art form and every artist has unique aspects and qualities. The same holds true for each university, college, and department. The weight given to different skills for different programs within each type of art can vary greatly.

At ArtsBridge, our job is to help you better understand and highlight your unique talents as well as to guide you in navigating the nuances of the college landscape. The goal is to refine and match your talents with school evaluation styles so that ultimately, you are able to reach your higher education goals.

“ArtsBridge helped me know exactly what college admissions people are looking for.

— Miranda R. (student)

While all of the arts can apply our basic principles, each exhibits its own characteristics:

  • Dance — Various styles for various school programs
  • Music — From classical to contemporary, singing to composing
  • Theater — The full range from acting to musical theater
  • Visual Arts — Tailoring the portfolio to reflect your strengths

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